Cuando Digo Tu Nombre-Alejandro Fernandez

Clearly, the song displays an intimacy with the artists feelings. The singer is confessing that he can’t bare to say his love’s name, because their memories replay in his mind. He displays his pain through his voice. The song begins by saying: “It’s better for me to distance myself for a while, until I feel that the wind has ceased talking to me about you. It’s better for me to forget your face, because the pain doesn’t stop When I remember you.”


Noel Schajris-No Veo La Hora

This song displays the subjectiveness of Latin American men to love. The singer, Noel, isn’t afraid to demonstrate how he feels about the woman, One stanza says: “I have so much to give you: a kiss in liberty, an embrace in the night, a story to make you dream; if life brought us together to grow, love, I want to learn with you. For you I can be an afternoon on your skin, a lifetime in your hazel eyes. For you I’ll be love and faith again, I can’t wait to see you again.”